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An #experimental #sketch #comedy #webseries following a group of #millennials who develop a #friendship after one #tinder swipe right.



(portrayed by Daniel Pierce Theodore)

Age: 23

Not afraid to take his time, Matt is a 5th year senior and a leading expert in TCO: Tinder Compatibility Optimization. He considers himself #woke and #conscious of anything that is trending and has a #hashtag in front of it.


(portrayed by Kai Swanson)

Age: 21

Kat is in their final year of undergrad and focused on establishing their career as a photographer and documentary filmmaker, but mishaps with their clients and friends, specifically Matt, keep preventing them from focusing wholly on their career.


(portrayed by Corina Cudebec)

Age: 23

Having just graduated from college, Marie is in an unsteady position professionally and personally. Taking the advice of her #bff Emma, she decides to go on the worst Tinder date of her life with who else other than the resident #Tinderella Matt the #fuccboi


(portrayed by Jonathan Rand)

Age: 42

You can take the programmer out of Silicon Valley, but you can't take the Silicon Valley out of the programmer. Once a top-earning CEO, he put his career on the side to focus on his two children, Fletcher and Wyatt, and his newest venture, the Wippy Cup with his sweet wittle wisteria, Emma.


(portrayed by Katie Hjerpe)

Age: 22

Former sugar baby turned girlfriend of tech CEO Johnathan Wrand, inventor of the manbun phone application Gidget, Emma is the definition of #daddyissues. She is fiercely protective of her friends, although she often leads them astray.

Watch Season 1 on Amazon Prime


Carol Abken as Ashley
Christine Adams as Sarah
Tori Darden as Caroline
Kelly McArdle as Chloe
Hannah Penninger as Jasmine
Geri Swanson as Sharon
Gary Swanson as Nick
Carly Olexik as Wyatt Wrand
Mark Olexik as Fletcher Wrand
John Ligtenberg as DFW Audiobook Reader


Created, Directed, and Produced by Kai Swanson
Written by Kai Swanson and Daniel Pierce Theodore
Writing Assistance by Katie Hjerpe
Technical Director/Director of Photography: John Ligtenberg
Lighting Assistants: Chris Allen, Corina Cudebec, Katie Hjerpe and Kai Swanson
Edited by Chris Allen
Motion Graphics by John Ligtenberg
Sound Recording by Chris Allen, Hunter Braddy, Corina Cudebec, Katie Hjerpe, Kai Swanson, and Daniel Pierce Theodore
Sound Designer, Sound Editing and Color Correction by John Ligtenberg
Musical Score by Philip Rabalais


Fletcher Shears
Meg and Chuck Olexik
Neal's Deli in Carrboro, N.C.
UNC-Student Television
The University of Iowa's Department of Cinematic Arts Checkout Team