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A #magical #experimental #sketch #comedy #webseries exploring the individual lives and #identities of a group of #millennials who develop a #friendship after one #tinder swipe right.



(portrayed by Daniel Pierce Theodore)

Age: 24

Still #woke, #feminist, #magical, and #conscious of anything that is trending and has a #hashtag in front of it, Matt is following in the footsteps of former Silicon Valley CEO and resident Sugar Daddy, Johnathan Wrand, in order to expand Matt's Ménage à Quatre Corporation LLC.


(portrayed by Kai Swanson)

Age: 22

After graduating from college and a series of mishaps with Matt and Emma, Kat begins to question their friendship together and how to move on with their life and career.


(portrayed by Katie Hjerpe)

Age: 23

Former #sugarbaby turned #wifey to tech CEO Johnathan Wrand, Emma begins to question her roles as wife, stepmother, and friend.


(portrayed by Jonathan Rand)

Age: 43

The former Silicon Valley CEO digs deeper into his roots after moving his new wife, Emma, and two children to his childhood home in the backwoods of North Carolina.


Julie Moon as Julie
Brendan Higgins as Waiter/Gram
John Ver Mulm as Jeremy/Scott
John Smith as Damon/Scott
Billy Hoffman as Brad/Scott
Jack Howard as Michael/Scott
Philip Rabalais as Daytruck Cowboy
Ethan Fagre and Jeffery Recker as Misogynists at Bar
Bea Noguera as Friend at Bar
Austin Bernhard as Friend at Bar
Benjamin Baylis as Wedding Officiant


Sarah Alkhater
Colt Amborn
Hanna Baker
Stephen Banigan
Allison Buser
Matt Cline
Jacob Guenther
Evan Runkle
Alix Moad
Tempest Montgomery
Bea Noguera
Teagan Perrin
Jeffery Recker
Maeve Schmitt


Created, Directed, and Produced by Kai Swanson
Written by Kai Swanson, Daniel Pierce Theodore, and Katie Hjerpe
Technical Director/Director of Photography: John Ligtenberg
Camera Operator: Yanglin Ma and John Ligtenberg
Lighting Assistance by Benjamin Baylis, Teagan Perrin, John Ver Mulm, Esther Chovan, Katie Hjerpe, and Kai Swanson
Edited by John Ligtenberg and Kai Swanson
Motion Graphics by John Ligtenberg
Sound Recording by Colt Amborn, Stephen Banigan, Benjamin Baylis, Katie Hjerpe, Chris Hutton, Teagan Perrin, Maeve Schmitt, Kai Swanson, and Daniel Pierce Theodore
Production Assistance by Benjamin Baylis, Alix Moad, Teagan Perrin, Maeve Schmitt, Jeffery Recker, Da'Shawne Smiley, Katie Hjerpe, Daniel Pierce Theodore
Script Supervision by Jacob Guenther, Tempest Montgomery
Sound Designer, Sound Editing, and Color Correction by John Ligtenberg
Musical Score by Ethan Fagre


Fletcher Shears
Jackie and Robert Ligtenberg
The University of Iowa's Department of Cinematic Arts Checkout Team
Angie and Tim Looney
Christopher Harris